November - December 2019


President’s Message

Ron Weiss

I want to thank everyone in the Men's Club for allowing me to represent them over the past three years. Unlike Congress, we do have "Term Limits" with the position of the President and I fully agree with this informal rule. Each member should be aware that as long as I have been on the Board of Directors (2013), the board has ALWAYS had the best interest for its membership, which I feel very proud.  I hope I will get to see most if not all of you at our Christmas party on December 12th, so we can all enjoy the culmination of a wonderful year.

Monday-Wednesday Play

Bill Huth

The tournament schedules have been posted for November and December; and we have a nice variety of events coming up.  Events are posted on our web site including detailed game descriptions. Please note: Entry fees for all Monday/Wednesday games are $10.

Our monthly out of town games will be held on Wednesday November 13th at the 500 Club in Glendale with a 9:00 shotgun start. On Wednesday December 4thwe will go to Palmbrook Country Club in Sun City West with a 9:00 shotgun start. We will hold our monthly Skins games on Wednesday November 6th and on Wednesday December 11th. 

Always remember: record your actual gross score on the score card. If you record an X you cannot receive a Medal Prize in the event (except for Match vs Par and Stableford which are points games). Remember, on Points games you may pick up if your net score on the hole will give you -1 points for the hole. Review the schedules and make your plans for participation.  

Please note that payment for the away events is due by 5:00 PM the Wednesday prior to the event. The fee of $80/player will pay for your golf, cart, range balls, Medal Play, Gross and Net Skins and Close to Pin entry. 

Check in no later than 30 minutes prior to all events.


Garland Miner

Greetings Golfers.

The weather is still nice and it reflects with the good turnouts we are still getting in our events. 

Our membership stands at 246 total with 32 seniors for 2019. We had 233 total with 29 seniors last year. 

As you know, we are in the annual membership drive that runs through December 15th. Everyone must fill out a new application and deposit it with your check in the cabinet or mail it to us. 

Applications are on our website or in the men's lounge. Thanks for a great year and looking forward to 2020. 

Handicaps and Rules

Dennis Reilly

Rule 1: The Game, Player Conduct and The Rules

Before the 2019 rules changes the topic of player conduct and etiquette were found in the Forward of the USGA Rule Book. In 2019, this topic is included in the rules in Rule 1.

It speaks to Playing the course that way you find it and playing the ball as it lies.

Rule 1.2 speaks to Standards of Player Conduct. It states that all players are expected to play in the Spirit of the Game. That they should act with integrity by following the rules, and generally being Honest in all aspects of the game. Players should show consideration to others by playing at a Prompt Pace, looking out for the safety of others, and not distracting other players. Players should also take good care of the course by replacing divots, smoothing bunkers, repairing Ball Marks and not causing unnecessary damage to the course.

The AHMGC runs 2 tournaments per week. We have anywhere from 50 to 80 people playing each day. To help us we ask that players sign-up on sheets made available at least a week ahead of time. We ask that if you sign up, please show up or call and let us know you cannot make it. We also ask that you arrive at the course, ready to play ½ hour before your assigned tee time or shotgun assignment. This references the statement above about showing consideration for your playing partners.

Distractions come in many forms. The main complaint that we have from members of the club is SLOW PLAY. A group can only move as fast as its slowest player. Be aware of your position on the course. If you are out of position, make an effort to speed up. This does not mean you have to run but play READY GOLF. Don’t sit in your cart and wait to be transported to your ball. Grab a few clubs and walk to your ball, or drop off your cart mate, and drive to your ball. Then go back and pick him up. There are other ways to help Pace of Play by speeding up your play on the green by practicing continuous putting.

When finished on the green, walk briskly away and mark your scores during the drive to the next tee or while you are waiting to play on the next tee.

We all want to have a pleasurable experience golfing in the AHMGC. Following these suggestions will make it better for everyone.