July - August 2019



President’s Message

Ron Weiss

During the month of June, Chuck Elsberry and I did the check-in desk for our Monday and Wednesday tournaments at AHGC. As every should be aware Monday is 7am tee times with 8:30am shotgun; Wednesday is ALL tee times starting at 6:30am. I can personally account that Mondays are the hardest to manage in keeping the groups (twosomes, threesomes & foursomes) on time to the first tee. Very often we have last minute cancellations both individual and entire foursomes, which requires informing those groups that follow that we are running ahead of schedule. In some cases that means 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. Members need to understand this issue and please be flexible by arriving 30-45 minutes prior to your scheduled time so you can get a good warmup and be able to go to the first tee earlier than expected. I invite any member to come up with a better plan or sit with the Board of Directors at the check-in table to get a first-hand look at some of the last-minute issues that develop.

I feel very privileged to represent this men's club.

Monday-Wednesday Play

Bill Huth

The tournament schedules have been posted for July and August; and we have a nice variety of events coming up.  Events are posted on our web site including detailed game descriptions. Please note: Entry fees for all Monday/Wednesday games are $10.

On Wednesday (July 17, 2019) we will play our special event on the North Course at Antelope Hills. Entry fee is $80 due by Wednesday July 10th. Range balls are included with this event. Lunch will follow. On August 5 and 7 we will hold our annual Ryder Cup Match Play event on the South Course Monday August 5th and on the North Course on August 7th. Entry fee is $25 due by Monday July 29th.

We will hold our monthly Skins games on Wednesday July10th and on Wednesday August 14th. 

Always remember: record your actual gross score on the score card. If you record an X you cannot receive a Medal Prize in the event (except for Match vs Par and Stableford which are points games). Remember, on Points games you may pick up if your net score on the hole will give you -1 points for the hole. Review the schedules and make your plans for participation.  

Please note that payment for the away events is due by 5:00 PM the Wednesday prior to the event. The fee of $80/player will pay for your golf, cart, range balls, Medal Play, Gross and Net Skins and Close to Pin entry. 

Check in no later than 30 minutes prior to all events.


Garland Miner

Greetings Golfers. 

Nice to see warm weather now, it's showing in the large turnout at our events. Our membership now stands at 232 total including 32 seniors. This compared to 2018 with 231 total including 29 seniors. 

There are still many great events yet this year so get out and enjoy them. 

See you out there, Garland Miner, Membership Chairman.

Handicaps and Rules

Dennis Reilly

I’ve had some conversations lately about the term Stroke and Distance. What exactly does it mean? Here is the definition right from the rule book:


The Procedure and Penalty when a player takes relief under rules 17, 18 and 19 by playing a ball from where the previous stroke was made (rule 14.6)

The term Stroke and Distance means that the player both:

- Gets a 1 stroke Penalty

- Loses the benefit of any gain of Distance towards the hole from the spot where the previous stroke was made

To help speed up play the Rules provide for the use of a Provisional Ball – Rule 18.3

Rule 18.3a – If a ball may be lost Outside of a Penalty Area or be Out-of-bounds, to save time the player may play another ball provisionally under penalty of 1 stroke.

The player must announce that he or she is going to play another ball Provisionally. Rule 18.3b

Please take a moment and review Rule 18.3 and the Definition of a provisional ball